Peppe & Onion Tomato Seasoning Mix

Sonia Peppe & Onion Mix is made from organic grown pepper and onion, blended together to give a distinctive taste and flavour to your meals.

Sonia Peppe & Onion Mix is made from a unique blend of choicest ingredients.

Sonia Peppe & Onion Mix enhances the taste of every dish it is added to and hence, makes every meal a merriment. Sonia pepper and onion mix contain only ripe pepper and onions crushed into paste, packed with proper hygienic procedures for cooking delicious and nourishing meals. Sonia Peppe & Onion Mix…

  1. Contains no sweetening agent
  2. No artificial flavours and colouring agents
  3.  Produced from carefully and freshly harvested tomatoes
  4. Produced under very strict hygienic conditions
  5. Good for the preparation of soups, stews, jollof and pasta
  6. Very nourishing and rich in vitamins
  7.  Gives meals the perfect tasty and fresh tomato flavours.
  8. Good for stew and soups
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